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Under Criminal Investigation?

If you've been charged with a DUI, the first call you make should be to our law offices. We will help you.

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Federal Offenses

We’ve successfully defended hundreds against charges of possession, trafficking and more.

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Felony offenses

We provide experienced legal defense against all types of felony charges. We know the law and we can help.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Miami, Fl

Welcome to the Law Offices of Walter Reynoso, P.A.

Welcome to the Law Offices of Walter Reynoso, P.A., located in Coral Gables, Florida.

Our Criminal defense firm has represented clients in complex criminal matters at both the investigatory and trial level. Our Criminal Defense firm has represented many high-profile clients, including, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, bankers, executives and government officials. We handle a variety of cases including white collar defense, money laundering, D.U.I., and assist many clients who are under investigation to avoid criminal charges.  

Our focus in solely on Criminal defense. We concentrate on protecting our client’s constitutional rights. Our Criminal Defense firm has earned an excellent reputation by providing only the finest legal services in all criminal matters. Selecting a Criminal Defense Attorney is an important decision, and should be based on the lawyer's reputation and experience. When you retain the services of the Law Offices of Walter A. Reynoso, P.A., you will have a firm that has over thirty-five years of combined trial experience, an excellent reputation, and attorneys that will vigorously defend your rights.

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Our Criminal Defense firm maintains the highest reputation among fellow attorneys, judges, prosecutors and court personnel.  We have developed an extensive network of specialists to assist our attorneys, including the finest private investigators, forensic experts, jury and trial consultants.  The Law Offices of Walter A. Reynoso, P.A. has extensive experience in all criminal-law and related matters. We are very committed to our clients and welcome you to our firm. Call today for a free consultation with a distinguished criminal defense attorney at the law firm of Walter A. Reynoso, P.A.

Federal Crimes

Money Laundering
White Collar Crimes
Mortgage Fraud
Health Care Fraud
Wire Fraud
Cyber Crimes
Mail Fraud
Credit Card Fraud Statute
Weapons Offense

Drug Offenses

Drug Trafficking
Manufacturing of Drugs
Possession and Delivery of Drug Paraphernalia
Sale of Drugs
Prescription Drug Offenses
Grow House Drug Cases

Felony Offenses

Probation Violations Community Control Offenses
Battery on Leo
Resisting with Violence on a Leo
Felony Battery/Assault
Grand Theft
Uttering a Forged Instrument
Burglary Cases
False Imprisonment
Child Abuse/Neglect
Homicide and Murder

Misdemeanor Offenses

DUI Cases
Disorderly Conduct
Disorderly Intoxication
Obstructing Justice
Resisting Without Violence
Petit Theft
Assault and Battery/Domestic Violence